Vidyanchal Pre-School

Every child is a genius

Vidyanchal is a full-fledged school that started its Pre-School programme in 1991 and has come a long way in delivering quality and affordable education with parents support and co-operation. We believe in accomplishing parents expectations and strive to continue to deliver the best in the future years.
Grow, Explore, Discover


  •  Child friendly atmosphere
  •  Well lit and comfortable class-rooms
  •  Adequately designed curriculum
  •  Learning by doing for cognitive growth
  •  Use of latest digital technology
  •  Exposure to outside world through interschool competitions
  •  Venturing for learning through field trips
  •  Enriching cultural experience through Annual  Concert,Grand Parents Day and celebration of festivals and  National days

  •  Well designed and spacious play area
  •  Well equipped library
  •  Foster the development of musical and kinesthetic  intelligence
  •  Emphasis on all round skill development of students
  •  Optimized student teacher ratio (1:20)
  •  Well trained and dedicated staff
  •  Non-Toxic and friendly play equipments

Our Focus.

We believe in building the child’s character strong by providing him a sustainable growth through the cultural/regional and religious celebrations to develop a positive attitude and appreciate in the society.

Trained and Compassionate Staff.

Student's academic and non-academic development is of optimum significance. The staff here strives to monitor the key areas of these developments in an organised and diagnostic way.







Why us...

Considering the need of the today's generation, the school modifies its programmes to enhance the curiosity, creativity, innovation and life skills.

Language Development

The school helps in promoting and mastering English language through phonetics, story-telling and show and tell activity. We inculcate the habit of reading by exposing the students to our collection of wide range of pictures & story books.

Fine Motor Development

The school allows the students to learn through planned game activities and likewise help in the development of fine motor skills.

Holistic Development

Our school empowers the students to make active choices and helps them to become an independent thinker and a wise decision maker through hands on activities.

Connecting with Nature

Real life lessons are learnt through field trips these are related to theme based programmes like

  • Visit to grocery shop
  • Visit to post office
  • Railway museum
  • Nature walk
  • Rain walk
  • Enriching cultural experience through Annual Concert, Grandparents Day and celebration of important festivals
  • Excursion and many more


  • Multimedia room
  • Computer Lab
  • CCTV monitored campus
  • Well equipped library
  • Open space for traditional games
  • Well equipped play area