The Student Council Election for the Academic Year 2019-20 was conducted on 22nd Feb. 2019 under the guidance of our Principal ma’am Miss. SunitaPhadke.

The process started with the nomination of students for Prefect and Vice Prefect position from class VII and VIII respectively. Students were shortlisted for the four different houses, from the nomination list depending on their academic performance and over all behaviour. The canvassing started on 18th Feb. 2019. The students canvassed for themselves during the assembly with their agenda,promises and created logos.

Voting was held on 22nd Feb. 2019 during school hours in E-learning room. Students were called one by one class wise and house wise to cast their vote. The election was conducted in a democratic way using the latest technology. Students enjoyed learning the civic way of election.

The investiture ceremony will be held in the month of June.

Compassion - Warm - Heartedness

Loyalty - Faithfulness

Integrity - Uprightness

Diligence - Perseverance

Designation Name
Vice-Sports Captain (Boy) Atharva Kinage
Vice-Sports Captain (Girl) Siddhi Murkute
Red House-Diligence Prefect Eesha Kambli
Red House-Diligence Vice-Prefect Satej Pawar
Red House-Diligence Sports Prefect Rutuja Ranawade
Yellow House-Loyalty Prefect Isha Dhase
Yellow House-Loyalty Vice-Prefect Yashada Khare
Yellow House-Loyalty Sports Prefect Aayush Alhat
Blue House-Integrity Prefect Mehek Tamboli
Blue House-Integrity Vice-Prefect Rutuja Pable
Blue House-Integrity Sports Prefect Sanika Bade
Green House-Compassion Prefect Pratik Nimbhore
Green House-Compassion Vice-Prefect Aarush Oak
Green House-Compassion Sports Prefect Soham Ranade
Sports Committee Pranav Dabade
Aditi GhadgePatil
Isha Hathiyani
Cultural Committee Pranali Indolikar
Purva Saini
Nupoor Choudhari
Magazine Committee Aayush Lotankar
Sruja Pisal
Mahek Sukhwani
Dhanashree Bhalerao
Discipline Committee Nitya Dhabadgaonkar
Aahana Jadhav
Ishika Dharpure