Principal's Desk

Greetings and Namaskar!

I am indeed privileged to communicate as a Principal of the most prestigious and esteemed schools of Pune ‘Vidyanchal’ I understand that each parent wants the best for his/her child and I assure you that the team at Vidyanchal will give its best! At the same time I want to strongly propose that it is a complementary role of the family and the school. At school I personally believe that we must go beyond the set curriculum to develop not just the IQ but also the EQ and the SQ and by SQ, I mean both the Social Quotient and the Spiritual Quotient. We belong to a nation and a city with a rich culture, heritage and legacy and we take pride in preserving and promoting it. It is with this aim in mind that we give equal importance to Intellectual and Academic activities along with Extracurricular and Cultural activities. Moving further to the role of the students I feel ‘perseverance’ and ‘consistency’ is the mantra and the most important aspect of progress of every child. It is our sincere effort at Vidyanchal to have handpicked teachers to achieve the ultimate goal of creating competent, cultural and worthy humanbeings which is the ultimate goal of true Education. Finally I would say that our slogan for every member here is ‘I CAN and I WILL’

Thank you,
Ms. Sunita Phadke